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It's All About Roundabouts

Understanding Roundabouts

Bartow County residents have seen roundabouts replace the familiar stop and go intersections in various locations throughout the county.  Studies conducted by the Federal Highway Administration have determined that roundabouts are much safer than the typical stop and go intersections that we are accustomed to.  Every day more than 20 people are killed at traffic intersections in the U.S. and many more are seriously injured.

Roundabouts are circular intersections that move traffic counterclockwise around a central island, requiring motorists entering the intersection to reduce speed and yield to vehicles already in the circle.

Roundabouts are calmer and safer than conventional intersections and are a safety counter-measure to reducing accidents.

After receiving a number of voiced concerns about traffic safety near Hamilton Crossing Elementary School, White Elementary School and Cass High School, County officials began conducting preliminary traffic studies of these intersections and concluded that the construction of roundabouts would serve to cut down on traffic congestion and accidents.

For more information and tips on how roundabouts work and how to safely move through a roundabout intersection, visit Bartow County's MPO page at