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Water Quality

Water Resources | Water Quality Testing | Water Quality Awards | Wastewater Treatment | BFP Program
 Water System Resources

Lake Allatoona smallAcquiring, maintaining and distributing pristine water resources are the primary operational responsibilities and priorities of the Bartow County Water Department. The vast majority (95%) of our water resources are obtained through contracts with the Cities of AdairsvilleCartersville, and Emerson and from Water Purchase Agreements with the Cobb County-Marietta Water AuthorityCherokee County Water & Sewerage Authority, and the Polk County Water, Sewer & Solid Waste Authority. The remaining water supply (5%) is provided by our independently owned and operated Bolivar Spring Pump Station located in northeastern Bartow County. Surface water withdrawn from Lake Allatoona in eastern Bartow County by our major suppliers constitutes approximately 90% of the total potable (drinkable) water volume within our Water Utility System. Annually, the Bartow County Water Department is responsible for processing, treating and distributing over 2.26 Billion Gallons (6.2 Million Gallons-Per-Day) of water to our serviced Customers. 

 Water Quality Testing
Water testing x small
(In-Ground Well Water Testing)
Bartow County Residents that utilize in-ground wells and request to have their drinking water tested for water quality must submit their water samples to the City of Cartersville Water Department Lab @ (770) 387-5681 located at 102 Walnut Grove Road; Cartersville, GA 30120.

 Water Quality Awards
The Bartow County Water Department has received the following awards and recognitions for our drinking water quality excellence and operational performance:
* Operator's Meritorious Service Award (American Water Works Association, 1997)
* Certificate of Dedicated Service and Leadership (EPA & State of Georgia, 1997)
* Elizabeth McEntire Award (Georgia Water & Pollution Control Association, 1999)
* Vice President Al Gore's Hammer Award (2000)
* Award of Excellence (American Water Works Association, 2002)

AlGoreHammerAwardThe Bartow County Water Department is determined to guarantee the continuation and improvement of drinking water quality excellence through the implementation of advanced testing methods, technological developments and extensive environmental research provided to this Water Utility System from our membership with professional organizations such as the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and National Rural Water Association (NRWA). Our department is also an active partner of the Bartow County Environmental Management System (E.M.S.), an association of local governmental and industrial organizations committed to analyzing and reducing the impacts of their activities upon the environment.

 Wastewater Treatment

PagaMineWWTP smallThe Bartow County Water Department currently operates and maintains two (2) Wastewater Treatment Plants: Southeast Bartow County Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Paga Mine Road and Two Run Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Brown Loop. These Wastewater Treatment Plants collect, purify and distribute a combined total of approximately 60,000 gallons of treated wastewater into local waterways on a daily basis. Our wastewater treatment processes are closely monitored by the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) and our department is required to collect a minimum of four (4) samples per month from each plant and submit them to Analytical Environmental Services (AES) for analysis. The Bartow County Water Department also submits monthly Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) to the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) based upon these testing results to confirm total compliance with EPD wastewater treatment regulations and wastewater discharge quality standards.

For additional information regarding Bartow County Water Department Wastewater Treatment, please contact Mr. Mark Wallace, Plant Operator/Technical Coordinator @ (770) 607-6309 or

 Backflow Prevention Program
Backflow Preventer smallThe Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has mandated our department to establish and implement a Backflow Prevention (BFP)/Cross-Connection Control Program which requires that every non-residential and in-ground/automated irrigation system service connection within our Water Utility System must have a testable Backflow Prevention (BFP) Assembly Device installed and subsequently tested for operational performance on an annual basis. The implementation of this program provides further protection of our Water Utility System resources against possible cross-contamination between our Water Utility System service mains and its associated Water Service Connections. Bartow County Water System Customers that are required to have Backflow Prevention Devices tested annually are mailed a "Backflow Prevention (BFP) Assembly Annual Testing Notification" from our department along with an Approved Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers List on the 1st of their scheduled testing month and have thirty (30) calendar days to submit a completed Assembly Test Data & Maintenance Report Form. Failure to comply with Backflow Prevention/Crossing-Connection Control Program installation and/or testing requirements will results in Water Service Disconnection Procedures pursuant to the "Bartow County Water Service and Conservation Ordinance: Title IV. Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention; Section 14C(2)" which states:(2) The customer shall immediately install approved back flow prevention device(s) as required and directed by the department at the customer’s own expense. The customer has the duty to maintain approved back flow prevention device(s) at all times. If a device so requires, the customer shall have the device tested annually or whenever deemed necessary by the department. The customer shall retain and provide testing results performed by an approved tester to the department as requested. Failure, refusal or inability on the part of the customer to install, have tested and maintain the device or to report testing results shall subject the customer to the enforcement provisions of this Ordinance.

For additional information regarding the Bartow County Backflow Prevention (BFP)/Cross-Connection Control Program, please contact Mr. Michael Yancey, M.I.S./Administrative Assistant/BFP Coordinator @ (678) 721-5489 or

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For questions or comments regarding the content and/or design of the Water Department web pages, please contact Mr. Michael Yancey, Bartow County Water Department Information Services Director at (678) 721-5489 or