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 Water System Director

 Department Employees

 Operational History
BuenaVistaSewerline smallThe Bartow County Water Department was originally established in September 1969 under the leadership of Superintendent Mr. Jerry Rowland that initially provided residential water service to the suburbs immediately surrounding Cartersville. Mr Rowland was followed by Mr. Mark Lockwood and Mr. Jimmy Bagley who nurtured system operations until 1987 when Mr. Gene Camp took over the system until 2019 when Mr. Lamont Kiser was appointed Water System Director of the 50 year-old system. System resources during our early operating phases consisted entirely of water purchased from the City of Cartersville Water System that had been withdrawn directly from Lake Allatoona. Construction efforts commenced on our sewer system in the early 1970's near the Cass-White Road/Interstate-75 Interchange as demand generated from the establishment of numerous commercial enterprises within that area necessitated the implementation of wastewater infrastructure. Our water and sewer  systems expanded rapidly over the following decades as a result of steady population growth along with incremental residential, commercial and industrial development has occurred across Bartow County. Presently, the Bartow County Water Department provides water and/or sewer service to over 22,500 Service Connections through a network of  945 miles of Water Lines, 220 miles of Sewer Lines, 50 Water and Sewer Pumping/Booster Stations, 16 Water Reservoirs and 2 Wastewater Treatment Plants with an average daily water consumption of 6.9 M.G.D. (Million Gallons Per Day), equivalent to 2.53 Billion Gallons Per Year.