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Maintenance & Operations

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 Maintenance & Operations Department

WaterMainMaintenance smallBartow County Water Department Maintenance & Operations personnel are primarily responsible for conducting numerous daily activities performed upon the Bartow County Water & Sewer Utility Systems including new service installations; infrastructure improvements and repairs; system development and expansion projects; water sample collections; utility service locates; and monitoring the operational efficiency of every structural component while responding to approximately 3,000 service calls annually consisting primarily of water & sewer service main leaks and their associated utility service outages; pressure irregularities and coarse drinking water reports. Substantial population growth; continued residential, commercial, and industrial development; advanced technological operational features and the ever-increasing technological complexity of our Water and Sewer Utility Systems have prompted the requirement for significant restructuring within this department including personnel expansion; advanced training methods; more stringent employment qualifications; development of improved operating procedures; and essential acquisition of innovative equipment and heavy machinery. These modifications are designed to ensure this department provides the highest possible quality of utility service by reducing service outages and their respective maintenance response times while continuing to supply pristine water resources to Bartow County Water System consumers and maintaining the successful and efficient operation of wastewater treatment processes.

For additional information regarding the Bartow County Water Department Maintenance & Operations Department, please contact either Mr. Robert Maynard, Water Maintenance & Operations Supervisor @ (678) 721-5494 or; Mr. Daniel Manny, Assistant Director @ (770) 387-5169 or; or Mr. Mark Wallace, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor @ (770) 607-6309 or

 Utility Service Outages
ServiceLineMaintenance small
Bartow County Water & Sewer System service outages and maintenance requests can be reported to our Maintenance & Operations Department @ (770) 387-5170; Menu Option 4 during regular business hours (Monday - Friday; 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Emergency service requests submitted to our main office @ (770) 387-5170 during non-business hours and scheduled holidays are directed to and processed by Bartow County 911. Service disruptions can result from several factors including ruptured utility service mains; water and sewer construction procedures; new service connection valve closures; disabled water meters and sudden system pressure changes. The Bartow County Water Department attempts to promptly notify Customers affected by major service outages with our B.E.N. (Better Easier Notification) PhoneMaster Audio System® with detailed information regarding service restoration efforts and anticipated repair schedules. Information regarding service outages can also be acquired through our main administrative office @ (770) 387-5170 as these events occur. Ruptured water mains are the most frequent sources of service outages and represent the greatest daily operational threat to water utility system providers. These ineffective conduits disrupt valuable customer service, waste our most precious natural resource, produce substantial revenue losses and can occasionally cause significant property damage. Responsible and timely reporting of leaking Water Service Utility Lines from our Customers, local community and the general public reduces these detrimental effects, resulting in more cost-efficient public Water and Sewer Utility Systems. Customers are typically unaware of waterline service leaks occurring at their Service Location until they receive a substantially high Utility Service Bill. Water leaks can be detected by monitoring the red protruding water-flow indicator located adjacent to the meter dial. Movement of this device while all available outlets within the Service Location are closed indicates the presence of a water leak that should be repaired immediately by a Licensed Plumber. Studies have indicated that over 2,500 gallons of water can flow through a waterline service leak measuring only 1/8" diameter within 24 hours! Note: Customers are solely responsible for consumption charges and service line repairs pertaining to water leaks that occur between their water meter and Service Location. 
To report problems water and/or sewer service outages, please contact our main administrative office @ (770) 387-5170; Mr. Robert Maynard, Water Maintenance & Operations Supervisor @ (678) 721-5494 or Mr. Daniel Manny, Assistant Director @ (770) 387-5169.

 Utility Service Locates
Prompt detection and accurate location of installed utilities are crucial to the successful maintenance and operation of public utility systems. Utility Service Locate Orders must be placed with the Georgia Public Service Commission Utility Protection Center (U.P.C.) @ (770) 623-4344 and/or with your local utility service provider prior to excavation activities scheduled to be performed within Bartow County and/or State Right-of-Ways and all other properties where utilities have previously been installed to prevent potential service interruptions and/or structural damage. The Bartow County Water Department Maintenance & Operations Department responds to over 50,000 Utility Service Locates annually. All utility service providers must have unobstructed and unlimited access to their associated utilities without interference from shrubs, landscape plants (other than grassing), trees, fences, irrigation systems, masonry mailbox structures or other object installed within established Right-of-Ways. Property owners are strongly encouraged to examine their property surveys to determine exact ownership limits prior to conducting installation or construction activities. Note: The Bartow County Water Department and other local utility service providers shall not be held financially responsible for damage and/or replacement of items installed within Bartow County and/or State Right-of-Ways with the exception of standard mailbox posts and driveways! Utility service providers indicate the location of their underground utilities with color-coded flags, spray paint and other such markings using the following uniform Utility Service Locate Color Code Chart:

Utility Locate Color ChartFor additional information regarding the Bartow County Water Department Utility Locates, please contact Mr. Robert Maynard, Water Maintenance & Operations Supervisor @ (678) 721-5494 or Mr. Daniel Manny, Assistant Director @ (770) 387-5169.

 Emergency Service Calls


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