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 Development and Construction

Bartow County Water System Development Procedures
Bartow County Water & Sewer System Site Utility Details for Development
Development ProceduresBartow County Standard Specifications for Water & Sewer Construction
Bartow County Water Service Main Installation Specifications
Bartow County Water Meter Vault Specifications
Bartow County Sewer Service Development & Installation Specifications

Bartow County Sanitary Sewer Systems Inspection & Testing Procedures
Bartow County Water Service & Conservation Ordinance
Development Fees
The following Development Fees must be submitted prior to final approval and connection with the Bartow County Water & Sewer Systems. (Note: These Fees are subject to changes based upon applicable utility system service location.  Additional charges may be required!)NewServiceFees

Flow Test Fees
 - $190.00 per Water System Flow Test.

Plan Review Fees - $290.00 per each new set of Plans (or each new revision of Plans) reviewed including Preliminary Plans, Construction Plans and As-Built (Final) Plans.
Tap-On Fees - $1,110.00 per Service Main Connection.
Inspection Fees - For more information call the Engineering Department at (678) 721-5488.
Installation Costs - The Installation Costs is $700.00 for 5/8” x 3/4” Water Meters, $820.00 for 1” Water Meters, $1,150.00 for 1 1/2" Meters and $2,100.00 for 2" Meters. For all Water Meters > 2" please refer to Meter\Material Costs of the applicable Water Meter.
Meter/Material Costs - The Meter/Material Costs is $1,760.00 for 3” Water Meters, $2,185.00 for 4" Water Meters, $9,600.00 for 6" Meters and $12,500.00 for 8" Meters. 
Water & Sewer Connection Fees - Water & Sewer Connection Fees are based upon the following Water & Sewer Service Connection Fees Rate Table:
Water & Sewer Connection Fees (2021)
Meter Size   Water Connection Fee Sewer Connection Fee Total Water & Sewer Connection Fee
 5/8" x 3/4"  $2,500.00  $4,765.00 $7,265.00
 1"  $4,165.00  $7,940.00 $12,105.00
 1 1/2"  $8,330.00  $15,875.00  $24,205.00
 2"  $13,330.00  $25,400.00  $38,730.00
 3"  $26,660.00  $47,625.00  $74,285.00
 4"  $41,670.00  $79,375.00  $121,045.00
 6"  $83,330.00  $158,750.00  $242,080.00
 8"  $133,330.00  $254,000.00

Water & Sewer Capacity Fees - Water & Sewer Capacity Fees are based upon the following Water & Sewer Capacity Fees Rate Table:
Water & Sewer Capacity Fees (2021)*
* If applicable services are provided to BCWD by City of Cartersville
 Meter Size  Water Capacity Fee  Sewer Capacity Fee  Total Water & Sewer Capacty Fee
 5/8" x 3/4" $930.00  $1,260.00 $2,190.00 
1"  $1,544.00  $2,092.00  $3,636.00 
1 1/2"  $3,088.00  $4,184.00  $7,272.00 
2"  $4,941.00  $6,694.00  $11,635.00 
3"  $7,412.00  $10,041.00  $17,453.00 
4"  $9,636.00  $13,053.00  $22,689.00 
6"  $14,454.00  $19,580.00  $34,034.00 
8"  $18,790.00  $25,454.00  $44,244.00 
 System Management
InspectionBartow County has become one of the most rapidly developing Counties within the State of Georgia. According to the 2010 United States Census, our population exceeds 97,000 residents, reflecting a substantial increase of approximately 36% during the past decade. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Developments established in response to this continued growth have placed increased construction and service demands upon every local utility provider including the Bartow County Water Department. The current Bartow County Water Department system-wide water consumption average is approximately 6.5 M.G.D. (Million Gallons Per Day), equivalent to 2.4 Billion Gallons Per Year. The Bartow County Government recently obtained the professional services of economic advisors, certified auditors and engineering firms to conduct a series of financial evaluations, system infrastructure analyses, environmental surveys and resource availability studies in formulating the most productive and cost-efficient solutions to successfully manage the impacts of continued growth upon our local communities. The information collected and resolutions discovered from this extensive period of research are detailed within the "Bartow County Growth Management Plan" © February 7, 1997. Monetary funding required for the construction of Water and Sewer System expansion projects deemed essential within this publication are currently provided to our department through several financial resources including metered water sales; corporate and private grants; short-term loans; and capital collected through the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (S.P.L.O.S.T.) Program that is projected to provide our utility system with an additional $18 million of operational and construction revenue through 2018.

For complete details regarding Bartow County Water Department System Management & Development, please contact Mr. Daniel Manny, Assistant Director @ (678) 721-5489 or

 Geographic Information System (G.I.S.)
GIS Computer SystemThe development and implementation of technological advancements have become the most instrumental and effective methods utilized for efficient growth-management planning solutions within government agencies, corporations, industrial manufacturers, utility systems, and other public service providers throughout the world. The Bartow County Government and its associated administrative departments have invested a substantial amount of financial resources and personnel hours toward the establishment and daily operation of a Geographic Information System (G.I.S.). This comprehensive electronic mapping software application has effectively consolidated the environmental, hydrological, agricultural, demographical, parcel ownership and utility infrastructure features of Bartow County within an exclusive intergovernmental database. The Bartow County Water Department contracted the digital mapping expertise of Sanborn Colorado, LLC® headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado to assist with the conversion of over 1,000 Water and Sewer Utility System sources into G.I.S. coordinate-based digital renderings. Additional Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development mapping sources were also submitted to Amec Foster Wheeler®  (formerly Mactec Engineering & Consulting) headquartered in Warner Robins, Georgia for digital conversion to ensure our Water and Sewer Utility System infrastructure is being represented in an accurate and timely manner. This exceptionally beneficial software application has permitted our department to successfully design more cost-efficient construction plans and procedures; reduce utility service outage response times; perform immediate infrastructure locates and provide vital Water and Sewer System information to our Customers, Maintenance & Operations Personnel, developers, engineers, contractors, local utility providers, corporations, industrial manufacturers, etc. and shall continue to provide our organization and other Bartow County Government administrative departments with unprecedented operational capabilities.