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South Bartow Redevelopment

The southern end of Bartow County is rapidly becoming a Sports and Entertainment Mecca with projects like the LakePoint Sporting Community. Working closely in conjunction with the City of Emerson, Bartow County has made all of the south end a priority and a focal point for new opportunity. Embracing the growth and exciting opportunities that are coming and ensuring that the county has the infrastructure and amenities to accommodate so much change. 

The Community Redevelopment Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the redevelopment efforts in South Bartow County and other under served areas of the county including community programs, strategic partnerships, economic investment and various departmental efforts related to redevelopment within the county. 

Community redevelopment efforts are underway to see the entire south end of the county grow and improve. With access to Lake Allatoona and Red Top Mountain State Park, the south end of the county has the potential to be the most sought after area in Bartow County.

Many projects are already underway and more are slated to begin over the next several years to bring more resources to the area.