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Compacting and Recycling Facility


The Compacting and Recycling Center is a division of Bartow County Department of Solid Waste  

Hours for the Facility are:
Friday / Saturday / Monday 
7am - 7pm

The Compacting Facility is intended to provide solid waste disposal services for Bartow County Residents for waste which is generated on a daily or weekly basis in their homes. The Collection Centers are not intended or capable of handling large loads of solid waste. In those instances when a large load is generated from your home, we ask that you take the load directly to the landfill. Tipping Fees for residential customers will be waived for the first ton per load. 

The Recycling Center accepts the following recyclables:
Cardboard Boxes
Mixed Office Paper
Telephone Books
Aluminum Cans
Steel/Tin Cans
Glass Bottles/Jars
Plastic Bottles, #1 and #2

The Collection Centers are staffed by employees of Bartow County who are responsible for the upkeep of the facility, public safety, directing County residents in the disposal of solid waste and to ensure all County, State and Federal solid waste disposal rules and regulations are upheld. Each collection center has a copy of the Standard Operating Procedures available for your review.