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ARC Services

The ARC works with the South Bartow Community to provide certain direct services to residents of Bartow County. The Center also serves as a source of information and referral for available programs and services from various other agencies.

You must be a Bartow County Resident and most programs and services have additional restrictions and qualifications that must be met in order to receive assistance.. 


1. Baby Products - Diapers, infant formula, etc.
2. Bartow County Drug Voucher Program - limited prescription assistance (NO NARCOTICS OR PAIN MEDICATIONS)
3. Compass / Food Stamp Renewal - 
4. Emergency Food Pantry (SNAP / USDA) - Working with families in immediate need of food. SNAP for families with children and USDA food. 
5. Emergency Utility Assistance - (Power & Water Only) Must be at risk of losing service or getting service restored (Limited amount/family)
6. Nutrition Site Frozen Meal Program - (Senior Citizens) Eligible clients receive five (5) frozen meals, bread, juice, condiments and snacks.  
7.Laundry Service / Lice Treatment (School Voucher Required)
8. Medical Assistance  - Assistance with doctor visits, dental visits, and eye exams.
9. Medicare / Medicaid Assistance
10. Needy Meds Program - Assistance with Patient Assistance Programs from Pharmaceutical Companies. 
11. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) - Assistance with Enrollment. 
12. Transportation Assistance to Dr. appointments, work and grocery store.
13.Financial Assistance for Georgia IDs, Birth Certificates, GED Testing, and College Application Fees

The ARC will also serve as a Community Advocate working with the business community, non-profits, civic groups and others to raise awareness throughout Bartow County of the needs and concerns of the South Bartow community.