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Since 1989, a 1¢ Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) has allowed Bartow County to make significant infrastructure and facility improvements throughout the County. These projects have contributed to making Bartow County the vital community that it is today, a community that we feel is one of the best in the state.

A Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax is placed on the election ballot as a referendum and voted on by the citizens of the County. Months, even years of planning go into a SPLOST program before it makes it to the ballot for your vote. Projects that are identified as necessary in order to improve the economic viability, functionality and beauty of the County must be outlined on the Referendum in summary detail in order to allow the citizens sufficient knowledge of the designated projects prior to casting their ballot for or against. Once a SPLOST is approved by the voters, governments are required by law to complete the projects outlined on the referendum, unless circumstances make it unfeasible to complete the projects or there is a shortfall in SPLOST proceeds. SPLOST proceeds cannot be used to fund employees or salaries and cannot be used for any other projects other than those so designated by the Referendum.

Bartow County is now utilizing proceeds from its sixth Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. Proceeds received to date total $397,347,509.00 and have been used to fund various county and city projects, such as; the construction and later expansion of the jail facility, the construction of the 1992 courthouse/administration building, construction and later expansion of the health department facility, construction of the senior citizens center, the construction of a number of new fire station facilities, the county landfill and expansion project and waste collection facilities throughout the county, recreational facilities and improvements, construction of the Clarence Brown Conference Center, and a number of road, water and sewer projects.

Thanks to you, the voters, Bartow County has been provided a means to make these and many other significant improvements to our community, which is why we continue to be one of the best places to live, to work, to relax and to play.