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Bartow County Emergency Management Agency

Dwayne Jamison, EMA Director
Bruce King, EMA Division Chief

Bartow County Emergency Management Agency
10 Elizabeth Street
Cartersville, GA  30120
Phone: (770) 387-5089
Fax: (770) 387-5654


National Weather Service Outdoor Warning Sirens

Register your organization for the Department of Homeland Security Certified Disaster Preparedness Training.

To sign up for free weather alerts in Bartow County click the link below: 
Helpful Information when registering for the Citizen Alert System Notifications
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Bartow County Emergency Management  Agency is to maintain a high level of preparedness, to protect the citizens of  Bartow County; to mitigate loss of life and assets prior to, during, and in the aftermath of a disaster; and to facilitate  Bartow  County in the mid and long term recovery phase following a disaster.


The Bartow County Emergency Management Agency (E.M.A.) is responsible for the coordination of  local emergency response plans. Further responsibilities are  to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate and identify potential threats, provide public education,  plan for multi-hazard emergency situations, ensure continuity of government and  business, and facilitate an effective recovery from a natural or man-made disaster. The Bartow County EMA will  coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies (as well as private entities)  to develop, maintain, and implement emergency operation plans.  It is the sole responsibility of this office to activate and maintain our  Emergency Operations Center.