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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s been a few years since I voted, am I still registered?

To determine if you are registered to vote, and the address at which you are registered, you may visit the My Voter Page (MVP) on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, or call us at (770) 387-5098.

My name or address has changed since the last time I voted, how do I update my information?

Simply complete a new Voter Registration Application and submit it 30 days prior to the Election Day.  If you move or change your name after 30th day prior to the Election Day, go to the same place you usually do to vote and complete Voter Registration Application while you are there.

Are there any restrictions on when and where I can post political signs?

Yes, State Law requires that no campaigning (including signs, stickers, t-shirts, conversations, or anything else which may attempt to persuade a voter to vote for or against something on the ballot) take place within 150 feet of any location which is accepting voted ballots, including our office and the Civic Center during Advance Voting, and any or our Polling Places on Election Day.

Bartow County’s sign ordinance which covers the unincorporated part of the county states that election signs may not be placed in the public right of way, that signs may only be placed on private property with the permission of the property owner, and the maximum size and number of signs permitted vary by zoning district.  The restrictions on political signage by municipalities vary by municipality.  Residents who are unsure of the regulations for their zoning district are encouraged to check with the applicable city or county zoning department for more detailed information.

How do I qualify for a County Office on the General Primary Election Ballot?

There are different qualifications for each office and legislative changes can adjust the qualifying period.  Please contact our office and schedule an appointment with Joseph Kirk to discuss qualifications, fees, and timelines.