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Bartow County Probate Court


                                       COVID-19 GUIDELINES FOR IN-PERSON JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS 

            Pursuant to the Second and subsequent Orders Extending Declaration of Statewide Judicial Emergency, and to further protect the health of litigants, lawyers, judges, court personnel, and the public, the Probate Court of Bartow County shall henceforth follow the following guidelines for all essential and non-essential in-person judicial proceedings:

  1. All Courtrooms shall be open to the public subject to any restrictions imposed by the statewide judicial emergency including any state, department or agency order, or any restrictions necessitated by local conditions or required to ensure the courthouse remains accessible to carry out its judicial functions. However, County personnel reserve the right to conduct any health screening of visitors to the offices of the Probate Court and it’s courtrooms and may prohibit entry as a result of same. Health screening may include the taking of a visitor’s temperature with a no-touch thermometer or questioning a visitor about his or her health, recent travel or possible exposure to COVID-19.
  2. Social distancing shall be followed at all times in all courtrooms with a minimum of 6 feet separation between individuals.
  3. Use of personal protection equipment is recommended for all court personnel and visitors who cannot maintain the 6-feet social distancing requirement.
  4. The offices and courtrooms of the Probate Court shall continue to undergo a regular deep cleaning by Bartow County.
  5. Hand sanitizer shall be available and accessible to the staff and visitors of the offices of the Probate Court and it’s courtrooms.
  6. Any visitor who is a high risk individual should consult with courthouse security.


Barry B. Greene, Judge

135 W. Cherokee Ave Suite 243A
Cartersville, Georgia 30120
770-387-5075 Phone
770-387-5074 Fax

Traffic Court Arraignments are held in the Bartow County Annex Building located at:
112 W. Cherokee Avenue
Cartersville, Georgia 30120

Rhonda N. Garmon, Chief Clerk 
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

The office of the Probate Court provides a variety of functions including but not limited to issuing marriage licenses, weapons carry licenses and fireworks display permits, maintaining vital records for Bartow County, administering misdemeanor traffic court and probate procedures such as probate of wills, administrations and guardianships of minors and adults.  See below for more detailed information regarding these matters.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office if we can be of assistance.

Traffic Citations may be paid online with a debit or credit card at, in the office with cash, money order or a cashier's check, or you may mail a money order or cashier's check to the office address at the top of this page.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Payment of traffic fines must be received in the office prior to the day of your arraignment in order to avoid a court appearance.  If you wait until the day of your scheduled arraignment, then you must appear in the court to pay your citation.  Should you desire to contest your citation and have your case heard before a judge or jury, you must personally appear at your arraignment.  Your hearing will be scheduled for a later date where the officer and witnesses, if any, will be subpoenaed to testify.

Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the probate of wills, administration of estates, temporary guardianships of minor wards, permanent guardianship and conservatorship over minor and adult wards, and applications for year's support awards.  There are filing fees associated with all petitions and these fees are due upon filing.  Once you have filed your pleadings and paid the filing fees, you will be scheduled a time to appear before the Judge and have your petition heard as all matters are handled by appointment only.  Forms for these procedures and additional information are available in the office or online at

VIDEO!  How do I complete an Annual Return?

Link to Forms:

Bartow County Probate Court is the custodian of vital records for Bartow County. You may obtain certified copies of birth and death certificates for a fee of $25.00 for the first copy, and $5.00 for each additional copy obtained at the same time for the same person.  Georgia law dictates what familial relations may obtain a birth certificate for another person.  Those relations are parent, child, spouse, grandparent and sibling.  Please contact our office for further information regarding vital records, paternity acknowledgements, legitimations, amendments and corrections, and delayed birth certificates.  As of November 2007, local custodians for vital records now have access to birth and death certificates for the entire state of Georgia and may issue certified copies for other counties.



  • A mask or facial covering is recommended!
  • You must use hand sanitizer prior to entering the office!
  • Make every effort to complete your application online prior to coming into the office! (Look for the link near the bottom of this page.)

Due to the close proximity and physical contact required during the application process (such as fingerprinting), it is necessary and reasonable to take this precaution for the protection of our staff and our customers and in compliance with the recommendations of the CDC. We will make every effort to safely and efficiently process your application as quickly as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and patience! 

Note: Governor Kemp has extended the renewal period of all Weapons Carry Licenses that expired during the state of emergency period by  90 days. Georgia Law currently prescribes a 30 day period past the date of expiration in which to apply for renewal, so now you have 120 days from the expiration date in which to apply for renewal if your Weapons Carry License expired during the period of the state of emergency (February 13, 2020 through August 11, 2020)

The Probate Court issues firearms licenses, also known as "Georgia Weapons Carry License" as governed by O.C.G.A.§16-11-126 through 134. Applicants are encouraged to read the applicable law prior to making application to ensure a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities. You may obtain a copy of the applicable law in the office. Applications will be accepted on normal business days between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE HOURS MAY FLUCTUATE OUT OF NECESSITY SO CALLING AHEAD IS ADVISABLE IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO COME IN LATER IN THE DAY. You must be a Bartow County resident and provide a valid photo ID which reflects your physical Bartow County address. The fee for application and fingerprint processing is $78.00 ($30.00 for RENEWALS if you already have a valid Georgia issued weapons carry license) and you may pay by cash, money order, credit/debit card or certified check payable to the Probate Court. There is a service charge to pay with a credit/debit card. Processing time varies based upon volume of applicants. The license is valid for five (5) years, at which time you must reapply for a new license. Be aware that prior convictions for certain offenses will disqualify you from obtaining a firearms license. Some of those offenses include convictions arising out of domestic violence, weapons violations and drug related offenses, if you've not been free from supervision for at least five (5) years.  

SAVE PROCESSING TIME BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW to complete your Weapons Carry License application.  You will receive a confirmation number upon completion which you will need to bring with you to the Probate Court office within two (2) weeks of completing the application, along with the application fee of $78.00 ($30.00 for RENEWALS if you already have a valid Georgia issued weapons carry license) and a current Georgia issued photo ID that reflects your Bartow County address.  You will then be photographed, fingerprinted and the application process completed at that time and, if approved, you will receive your license in the mail within 2-3 weeks.
Direct inquiries regarding Weapons Carry Licenses to

Click here for Weapons Carry License Application

The cost for a marriage license is $75.00 payable by cash, money order, credit/debit card or certified check payable to the Probate Court. There is a service charge to pay with a credit/debit card. If you have had at least 6 hours of marriage counseling, you may receive a license at the reduced fee of $35.00. In order to receive the reduced fee, you must provide a certificate provided by the Probate Court and completed by the counselor. Marriage License Applications will be accepted on normal business days between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Each applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years old and must provide a valid photo ID and a copy of your divorce decree if you have ever been divorced. If you do not have a photo ID, then you must provide at least two (2) of the following forms of identification that contain your full name and date of birth: certified birth certificate, foreign birth certificate with a certified English translation, court record, hospital admission card, selective service card, armed forces discharge papers, INS issued immigration, citizenship or alien papers, baptismal certificate or sworn affidavit by applicant attested to by two (2) people with valid photo identification.

EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019: All applicants 17 years of age must be lawfully emancipated and provide proof of the emancipation to obtain a marriage license, and anyone entering into a marriage with a 17 year old cannot be more than five (5) years older. NO EXCEPTIONS. No person under the age of 17 years may obtain a marriage license in the state of Georgia under any circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS.

SAVE WAIT TIME BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW to complete your MARRIAGE LICENSE application. You will receive a confirmation number upon completion which you will need to bring with you to the Probate Court office within two (2) weeks of completing the application, along with the application fee of $75.00 and a valid photo ID. The application process will be completed at that time and you will receive your marriage license.

Click here for Marriage License Application

If you are currently married and would like to order a copy of your marriage certificate, click on the link below and you will receive the certificate by US Mail within a few days.

Click here to order a copy of your Marriage Certificate

Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Please be aware that a service charge will apply.

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