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Planning & Zoning

Zoning Ordinance - click Here.

Click Upcoming Public Hearing for Planning Commission meeting info. 
September PC meeting will be regularly scheduled September 13 at 6:00 PM but in courthouse top floor Courtroom D. Commissioner's hearing will be September 15 at 10:00 AM in courthouse main floor hearing room. 
October PC meeting will be regularly scheduled October 4 at 6:00 PM but in courthouse top floor Courtroom D. Commissioner's hearing has been rescheduled and will be October 7 at 10:00 AM in courthouse main floor hearing room.

Zoning of a property is found in the qPublic map view - click Here.
*** CLASS is Not zoning - that is the tax assessor's office info for appraisal/assessment. 

Click Zoning Documents for application forms. 

What can be used as a single-family residence on a vacant lot?
Only conventional site-built house unless zoned for a manufactured home. Standard size 2 acres or greater A-1 zoned lot allows for manufactured homes; also R-4 zoning. Manufactured homes are Not allowed on substandard A-1 lots less than 2 acres. For all properties, proposed single-family house or manufactured home must be minimum 1,200 sqft heated area, minimum 5:12 roof pitch. Not allowed (prohibited) as a residence: tents, boats, RV campers, storage buildings, shipping containers, tiny homes. Only one main residence per lot zoned single-family residential (A-1, R-1, etc.) After main residence is on lot, small site-built guest house is an option - discuss with staff. 

Plans Submittal - Questions? Email
When submitting preliminary plats, civil plans & hydrology study, building plans, and/or as-builts & final plat, submit 3 copies of civil plans; 2 copies of plats and/or building plans; and 1 copy of hydrology study and/or as-builts along with applicable fees and forms to the community development office, courthouse basement, 135 W. Cherokee Ave, suite 124, Cartersville, GA 30120. Review does not start until fees have been paid. Then email a PDF or link to 

Development Process Steps - Questions? Email
1) Submit concept site plan electronically, request Thursday AM discussion meeting
2) During Thursday AM discussion meeting, preliminary plat info will be determined
3) Civil plans & hydrology study: submit 3 hard copies, forms, fees, then email PDF or link
4) Applicable bond(s)/letter(s) of credit, preconstruction meeting, LDP issued
5) Building plans (if needed): submit 2 hard copies, forms, fees, then email PDF or link
6) As-builts & final plat (if needed): submit 2 hard copies, forms, fees, then email PDF or link
7) Building permit(s) issued   

Rezoning or conditional use for development
(subdivision, commercial, industrial, etc.)
1) Discuss water/sewer issues with provider. Obtain concept site plan prepared by surveyor or engineer. 
2) Email concept plan to and and request a Thursday AM discussion mtg. Confirm with Mr. Osborne type of zoning case needed and download from Zoning Documents page.
3) Obtain water/sewer availability/capacity letter from provider. 
4) Review State DRI threshold - if needed, work with Mr. Osborne on forms. If DRI needed, traffic impact study also needed for submittal before rezoning. Review Etowah Valley Overlay District and Allatoona Overlay District info. Complete items if applicable. 
5) Email Mr. Osborne the application, concept site plan, water/sewer letter, example architectural renderings, and letter of explanation to confirm minimum requirements. 
6) Staff will follow up with you to confirm legal requirements are met.
7) At least one project representative must attend the Planning Commission and Commissioner's hearings.

Basic Rezoning (example: A-1 to R-1 for proposed lot split)
1) Download a rezoning application from the Zoning Documents page. 
2) Email Richard Osborne to confirm requirements. 
3) At least one project representative must attend the Planning Commission and Commissioner's hearings. 

Variance application
1) Email Richard Osborne to confirm variance eligibility.
2) Download a variance application from the Zoning Documents page.
3) Email Osborne filled-out application, survey/plat, explanation letter. Complete needed follow up info.
4) At least one project representative must attend the Board of Zoning Appeals hearing.  

Need a zoning verification letter?
Email Richard Osborne

Make sure they are on private property, not in an easement, not in conflict with utilities or road sight visibility. No county permit needed, no max height, OK for chain-link, wood, vinyl, metal, etc. 

For inspection requests of permitted projects, email before 3:00 PM in order to get on the next business day schedule. 

Livestock animals
Only allowed on lots two (2) acres or greater - includes chickens, roosters, pigs, goats, horses, cattle, etc. Questions? Contact Animal Control 770-387-5153.

New wall and/or freestanding/ground signs for commercial and industrial uses/zoning require permitting. Email Richard Osborne to confirm requirements.  

Special event permit
If you want to have a significant size (100 persons or more) special event on residential/agricultural land that doesn't have zoning and business license approval as an event venue, email Richard Osborne a no-cost filled-out Special Event Permit application from the Zoning Documents page for public safety purposes. 

Short-term rentals (AirBnB, VRBO, etc.) require county short-term rental licenses
Permit application may be found under Zoning Documents

2021 PLANNING COMMISSION CALENDAR (rezonings, conditional use)


Accessory Building Fact Sheet

Allatoona Overlay District Summary

Allatoona Overlay District Map

Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Fact Sheet

Etowah Valley Historic District Summary

Etowah Valley Historic District Map

Manufactured Home (mobile home) Fact Sheet

Plan Review process Fact Sheet

Subdividing Land Fact Sheet

Zoning Districts Fact Sheet


The goals of the Planning and Zoning Division:
1) Ensure orderly county growth in conformance with the comprehensive plan, planning principals and policies.
2) Implement the comprehensive plan and administer and enforce zoning in a professional and effective manner. 

Areas of responsibility

  • Interact with citizens, businesses, developers to assist with the understanding and implementing of the zoning ordinance. 
  • Review applications, site plans, etc. for code compliance. 
  • Coordinate review of rezonings, conditional use permits, variances, and administrative variances with departments and other agencies.
  • Inspect the applicable sites to ensure complete review of applications.
  • Prepare reports, packages, presentations for the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Bartow County Commissioner, etc.
  • Communicate the process and review with interested parties.
  • Acknowledge decision of Boards and ensure records reflect accordingly.
  • Maintain and update the comprehensive plan and participate in the development of plan implementation strategies. 


Please have the following info when contacting our office

  • Parcel number plus address - click HERE to visit Tax Assessor's on-line maps
  • Parcels beginning with a number "0" are unincorporated county (except some Euharlee and Taylorsville city parcels start with a number - description Euharlee or Taylorsville tax district). Parcels beginning with "A"  - Adairsville city; "C" - Cartersville city; "E" - Emerson city; "W" - White city.