What is the Bartow County Greenspace Program?

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Bartow County, as well as all the cities in Bartow County, receive funds to purchase
Greenspace, protected areas of undeveloped landscape. For the most part, the county
and the cities pool their money together so that more greenspace can be purchased in
a more efficient manner.  Since 2003, approximately 1,200 acres of Greenspace has been
purchased in Bartow County and the sites are picked based on a list of criteria given by the
state. The list consists of historical significance, environmental significance, corridors that
link wildlife and people, cultural significance, and nominations from the community. 

In 2000, the Georgia legislature adopted Governor Roy Barnes' community greenspace
program, which created incentives for high-growth counties and municipalities to permanently
preserve 20 percent of their geographical area as neighborhood accessible greenspace. The
resulting law required communities to devise plans for greenspace protection by December. To
help implement the program, the legislature set aside $30 million for distribution by the Georgia
Department of Natural Resources to local communities for greenspace trust funds.
Since 2003,
two SPLOSTs have been passed that had $2 million attached for Greenspace! One of the
newest additions to Bartow's vast Greenspace areas is Pine Mountain. You can find one entrance
(to the West Loop) at the end of Main Street right over U.S. 75. Pine Mountain also connects to the
Coopers Furnace Trail, one of the existing Greenspace areas owned by the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Greenspace Program and incorporated hiking
trails are managed by multiple
organizations and individuals including Sheri Henshaw
and Missy Phillips of 
Keep Bartow Beautiful
City of Cartersville Parks and Recreation,
Bartow County Parks and Recreation

Red Top Mountain State Parkand
 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lake Allatoona.

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